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Success Story: New Comfort Provided

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The GSB took on a successor guardianship case for a 34 year old female who has chronic mental health issues, substance issues and inappropriate sexual activities which have impacted her housing options.

She had chronic issues with needing money, losing her identification, not having food, not attending her appointments, not taking her medications, reported domestic issues with her male companion and utilizing NetCare or emergency rooms when she was not able to cope with her circumstances. When she would be unable to cope or need something, she lacked the skills to call and request assistance. She would call and scream and use very inappropriate language.

The GSB took on the approach of being consistent with the responses to her needs and providing redirection and follow through with each complaint she made.

At this time our social worker has been able to obtain monthly food stamps that had not be available to the client for several years. She has obtained a new state ID and has been given her birth certificate. Her payee has been transferred to another provider and there have been no current issues. She has been connected to a food bank for food and personal items from another resource. She has been provided with church donated clothing. She has been transferred to a new mental health case manager who is more active with meeting her needs. She has been cooperative with her mental health appointments and taking her medications. She has not utilized the emergency room or NetCare since January of 2016. She is able to politely call in and make requests for things which she feels are lacking.

The goal has been to decrease her co-dependence on the guardian and have her use her own skills and mental health supports in order to reside within the community. She has had a weight gain, her personal appearance has been enhanced, and there have been decreased calls into the GSB for unmet needs.

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