Guardian Support

The Guardianship Service Board (GSB) is appointed as the Guardian of the Person for adult residents of Franklin County, Ohio with a substantial mental impairment or developmental disability who have been declared incompetent by the Franklin County Probate Court.

We serve those with presenting situations that require legal authority to act, such as health care or residential decisions and those with no other adult or entity available and/or appropriate to be guardian.

We serve as the guardian of last resort to ensure that our clients’ needs are met with the least restrictive measures possible.

Our Process

We visit our clients regularly and coordinate with service providers to ensure appropriate treatment and continuity of care.

We prepare care plans and review progress towards individualized goals.

We advocate for and support our clients in making important medical and end-of-life decisions.

We endeavor to engage and educate family members and other supports to improve our clients’ quality of life.


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