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Guardian Request Process

The GSB does not take direct referrals for guardianship.

Rather, the GSB submits an application to become the guardian of an individual only at the request of the Franklin County Probate Court. 

The Franklin County Probate Court may be able to assist in locating someone to serve as guardian for an individual in need of a guardian. Prior to contacting the Probate Court to request assistance with finding a suitable guardian, the Probate Court requires the referring party to: 

  1. Have a licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist complete a Statement of Expert Evaluation form>> 

  2. Exhaust any/all known options for finding an applicant, including family members, neighbors, friends, an attorney, or any person who may be interested in being the guardian of the prospective ward. 

  3. Call the Volunteer Guardian Program (VGP) at 1-800-589-7277
    OR, fill out their online request form here >> 

• If the VGP IS able to connect the referring party with a volunteer guardian, proceed accordingly. 

• If NOT, call the Guardianship Information Line at (614) 525-3858 

- Select option (2) in order to speak to an investigator to make a referral. 

  1. The referring party speaks to an investigator and provides information about the proposed ward. 

  2. The investigator determines whether the proposed ward is an appropriate candidate for referral to the GSB. 

• If so, the referral is sent to the GSB, who will contact the referring party. 

• If not, the investigator attempts to locate an attorney to apply for guardianship. 


  1. If an attorney accepts the referral, the referring party will be contacted directly by the attorney who accepted the case. The attorney will make arrangements to procure the original statement of expert evaluation. 

  2. If no attorney accepts the referral and the Probate Court determines the case is not appropriate for referral to the GSB, the referring party must find a person willing to be the guardian and file the application for guardianship or seek an alternative to guardianship. 

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