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2020 Wish List Information!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

*Photos from 2019 Gift Wrapping Event*

For the past two years at the GSB we have successfully experienced the joy of giving a personalized gift to each one of our clients, thanks to you! As guardian of last resort, we hope to continue to support the wishes of our elderly, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled adults who may not have loved ones in their life. For some, these are the only gifts they receive. In previous years, we spent time meeting with our clients to have conversations about items they need or want. It has proven to be a topic of conversation that made each of them smile, regardless of their situation.

This year, we hope to accomplish the same goal: for every client of the GSB to receive a gift specific to their needs. A majority of the GSB clients are part of the high-risk population, and it is of our utmost importance to keep the client’s and our team safe and healthy during these tough times we are all still navigating through. We have determined that we need to streamline our process this year, due to COVID-19 safety.

Our team of social workers have spent time collaborating to choose items for our clients that have been pre-selected that each client on their caseload will enjoy. This has been a difficult year of isolation, confusion, and frustration for our clients and we have taken on the duty to ensure that each of them knows they are being thought of.

With your help, we know that we can accomplish this! Similarly, to the previous years, you can pick out an item from the “Amazon Wish List” and it will ship to our office where we will sort, assemble, and deliver each present. Although we may not be able to hand deliver due to visitor restrictions in facilities, they will be given to appropriate care givers where necessary.

To purchase an item, follow this link AMAZON WISH LIST - CLICK HERE. Most of our clients have a $35.00 a month fixed income to purchase toiletries, snacks, clothing, etc. If you can, please donate an item from the list to help make their holiday season!

We are asking our community and partners of the GSB to please share with your team, family, and friends, or anyone else who may be in a place to give to others who may not be as fortunate.

Below are photos from the 2019 Client Wish List; the joy brought to them by this kind gesture is displayed across these photos!

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