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Success Story: Improved Living Conditions

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The client was living with her son in her home. An Adult Protective Services report was generated due to possible financial exploitation from her son. During the course of GSB involvement it was also reported that this son most likely has weapons in the home and drug activity was suspected. When the social worker visited, along with Probate Court investigators, the client was found to be in poor conditions in her home. Her clothes were worn through, she was confused, and her home was not handicap accessible despite her being in a wheelchair.

The GSB filed for guardianship and requested an expedited hearing due to the situation. A guardian of her estate was also appointed to help with selling her home and assisting with obtaining benefits for the client. Due to the involved social worker’s diligence, the client was able to be placed in a nursing facility one day following GSB appointment as guardian. Placement was difficult because of several factors-the client had not seen her physician for a very long time; she did not have Medicaid; and her son had already emptied her bank account by the third of the month, so she did not have any money up front to help pay for placement.

Currently, the GSB is happy to report that the client is doing well. She loves her new “home” and has since gained approximately 20 pounds because she is now eating regularly. The client also has two daughters. One lives locally and the other lives out of state. The client's daughters were previously unable to visit or call the client because of their brother. They both are now able to be very involved with the client as she is now in a safe environment. They were able to buy her new clothes as she did not have any other clothes other than the clothes she was wearing the day she moved. Our social worker received a very kind card from them thanking her for her hard work. The family reports that they have not seen their mother this happy in a long time.

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