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2021 Holiday Wish List

The holidays are just around the corner and the Franklin County Guardianship Service Board is working hard to make the holidays a little special this year for our clients!

For the past couple of years, the FCGSB has hosted an Annual Holiday Wish List on Amazon that included items individually requested by our clients. Due to COVID, the FCGSB has had to adapt to community changes and revamped the way this donation drive was implemented.

Instead, each of our clients will receive one of several pre-selected items from the wish list. These items were carefully selected as they were the top requested items for past holiday gift requests.

Most of our clients receive only $35-50/month for discretionary spending that is used to purchase hygiene products, clothing, snacks, entertainment, etc. Any of the items from the listed options will bring joy and comfort to our clients. Like many of us, they have also experienced the increased confusion, frustration, loneliness, and financial hardship that was brought on by COVID-19.

If you would like to donate, please click on the image above where you will be taken to the Amazon Holiday Wish List where you are able to select any of the options provided to donate. Once purchased, the item(s) will be delivered to the GSB office where GSB employees will be able to wrap and deliver gift(s) while maintaining the integrity of proper procedures and protocols of client’s facilities, hospitals, or homes.


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